Spring Has Sprung

Spring has arrived! I know many of my friends around the country might tell me otherwise, but here in San Diego the sun has shone its face. (Sorry to rub it in guys.) People tend to focus on January 1st as a time for resolutions and for a new start. I feel that spring makes much more sense as a time to start fresh. There is new growth, animals are finally coming out of hibernation, and the warmth inspires you to become more in touch with the outside world. As much as I love winter, the snow, and cuddling up with Brady, the cats and a nice cup of tea to stay warm, I am definitely ready for the sun. Our trip to Big Sur (which we still have to post about!!) really got me excited for all of the things to come this year.
New hikes, outdoor climbs, summer trips, an abundance of fresh veggies and fruit. These are all things I am looking forward to this year. So, as a week late welcome to spring, here are a few goals for the rest of this year.
1. Explore new areas of SoCal
2. Expand my climbing skills
3. Go surfing!
4. Get passports ASAP
5. Spend more time with gardening
6. Spend more time updating the site
These are just a few pretty unspecific goals, but something fun to work toward. More will come with time. Anyway, happy early vegan Easter! On Saturday, there will be a FREE vegan event here in San Diego, A Taste of Vegan. If you are available, check it out!