High Point Trail

Location: Issaquah, WA
Length: Approximately 4 miles

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We received a book called Day Hiking: Snoqualmie Region while we were visiting family to help get inspiration and ideas for hikes in the area. Regrettably, this book is inaccurate with its directions and descriptions of some of the hikes. Because of this, we attempted to hike Tiger Mountain Trail: North (hike 12 in the book) and ended up hiking on High Point Trail. Luckily, this trail did not disappoint. It starts off completely shaded and cooling, however, that doesn't last too long. The trail goes into some very steep hiking with several switchbacks. You'll cross along a creek a few times, and unfortunately one of the times we came upon a creek the bridge to cross it was knocked over. We ended up getting through there by creek hopping. Overall, this was a scenic hike, with lots of sections of shade and several intersections with other trails, so if you have some time to explore you have many options.