Guild Wars 2


Where to buy Teleportation Stones:

There is a vendor inside the cave in northwest LA (Hooligan's Route - POI called "The Undermarket"). It is sold by the char Karma vendor named "Scornheart" for no cost.

Gear List:

Berserker's = Crit Damage/ Power (main)/ Precision
Explorer's = Magic Find (main)/ Power/ Precision
Knight's = Power/ Precision/ Toughness (main)
Carrion = Condition Damage (main)/ Power/ Vitality
Rampager's = Condition Damage/ Power/ Precision (main)
Valkyrie = Criti Damage/ Power (main)/ Vitality
Cleric's = Healing Power (main)/ Power/ Toughness

*New* Crafted L80 Jewellery Exotic

Chrysocola Jewellery: Condition Damage (main)/ Power/ Vitality
Beryl Jewellery: Power (main)/ Crit Damage/ Vitality
Coral Jewellery: Precision (main)/ Condition Damage/ Power
Emerald Jewellery: Precision (main)/ Toughness/ Power
Opal Jewellery: Magic Find* (main)/ Power/ Precision
Ruby Jewellery: Power (main)/ Crit Damage/ Precision
Sapphire Jewellery: Healing (main)/ Power/ Toughness

Mesmer Boon Duration Build/Equipment:

You will need: Carrion equipment. Conditions will be something of a sideeffect of what you will do.

2 Superior Runes of Water - +25 Healing, +15% Boon Duration

2 Superior Runes of the Monk - +25 healing, + 15% Boon Duration

2 "MAJOR" Runes of the Sanctuary - +15 Vitality, + 10% Boon Duration

2 Superior Sigils of Battle - Gain 3 Might when switching to this weapon in combat.

1 Superior Sigil of Corruption - Gain condition damage upon slaying an enemy.

Chat Codes

[&AzMeAAA=] Now you've made me angry!
[&AzMfAAA=] Bear calls to me.
[&AzMgAAA=] Tell someone...about this.
[&AzMhAAA=] For Ascalon!
[&AzMiAAA=] Oooof!
[&AzMjAAA=] So fragile.
[&AzMkAAA=] I cover myself with glory.
[&AzMlAAA=] Eternal. Perpetual. Persistence.
[&AzMmAAA=] It did its duty.
[&AzMnAAA=] Study the past to survive the future.
[&AzMoAAA=] May the shadows embrace you.
[&AzMpAAA=] Ahoy, there!
[&AzMqAAA=] I salute you!
[&AzMrAAA=] You honor me.
[&AzMsAAA=] Where life goes, so too should you.
[&AzMtAAA=] Some must fight, so that all may be free.
[&AzMuAAA=] Prepare for adventure.
[&AzMvAAA=] Treesong go with you.
[&AzMwAAA=] I like it here.
[&AzMxAAA=] Hello.
[&AzMyAAA=] How are you doing?
[&AzMzAAA=] Did you need something?
[&AzAaAAA=] You don't belong here!
[&AzAbAAA=] Help!
[&AzAcAAA=] Don't come back.
[&AzAdAAA=] All hands ahoy! To arms!
[&AzAeAAA=] Knowledge is power!
[&AzAfAAA=] Keep running, smart guy!
[&AzAgAAA=] No need to fight. Back off.
[&AzMZAAA=] Die, invader.
[&AzMYAAA=] For Zhaitan!

Conditionmancer Dungeon/Support Build;...

To enemies:

  • permanent cripple on 6 enemies
  • permanent weakness on 6 enemies
  • about 50+% uptime of poison on 6 enemies
  • about 50+% uptime of chill on 6 enemies
  • 15-25 stacks of bleeding on my main target and 10-25 stacks of bleeding on 5 other targets (only class in game to successfully attack 6 enemies for nearly the whole fight)
  • fear on 5 targets (mainly as an interrupt) and another fear on one target (withering down defiant stacks)
  • blind on 4 enemies every 18 seconds
  • the charge of the fleshgolem is in all seriousness a very strong AoE knockdown skill and removes 4-5 defiant stacks on bigger bosses

To allies:

  • permanent regeneration on up to 5 allies
  • remove one condition from all group members every 20 seconds (and sending it to the enemy)

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