I've been loving heroes of the storm.

Raynor - https://www.icy-veins.com/heroes/talent-calculator/raynor#25.0!2131134


Spring Has Sprung

Spring has arrived! I know many of my friends around the country might tell me otherwise, but here in San Diego the sun has shone its face. (Sorry to rub it in guys.) People tend to focus on January 1st as a time for resolutions and for a new start. I feel that spring makes much more sense as a time to start fresh. There is new growth, animals are finally coming out of hibernation, and the warmth inspires you to become more in touch with the outside world.

The Importance of Being a Positive Example

As much as I would love for everyone to go vegan, I know that most people need to come into veganism on their own time. You can explain the horrors of factory farming, you can explain the environmental benefits, and you can explain the health benefits but I've found that the most effective way to attract people is by being a positive influence. Yes, I do think it’s important for people to be aware of all of these issues at some point in their quest to learn about veganism.

Climbing Gym Workouts

Found a link to this awesome article on maximizing time spent at the climbing gym. Definitely will be referring to this quite frequently:


First Day of CSA Goodies

I have long wished to sign up for a CSA, but I didn't exactly think it would fit with our schedules and the fact that we plan our menus out so strictly since we cook for others. But... they are always so tempting. We are very lucky to live in Southern California and have an abundance of fresh, beautiful produce year round. A little pricy to sign up for one, but I know it's definitely worth it when I'm supporting local farmers. Plus, I love our weekly trips to the farmer's market.

I love Guild Wars 2

I've been spending a lot of time with friends in the world of Tyria lately. So much time that I decided to make a dedicated t&t page for keeping track of interesting builds, strategies, items, etc. Check it out!